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2023-2024 school year updates:

* The website has been updated with a tab for each tow. Both AM and PM routes are shown for each bus route in each town. 

*Check back periodically to get the latest route updates. 

Currently the afternoon routes show only the order of the route.  The afternoon times will fluctuate depending on ridership. 

We continue to work with limited staff as a result of the nation wide CDL driver shortage. When a spare bus is being used on a route there will be a sign in the side window identifying the route number. 

Thank you all for your support and understanding as we start the new year. 

Have a Safe and Healthy year! 

We are committed to the long standing culture of safety and well being of the families who depend on us each day.  Student Transportation Inc. is family of local companies that has set the bar for driver training, technology innovation and smart management- all of which contribute directly to our steady growth and 95% contract renewal rate over nearly twenty years. We will continue to improve our business and invest in our employees, while maintaining our focus on student safety and community involvement that is distinctly unmatched in the industry. 

Amy Pratt
Terminal Manager

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